How do I stop the IRS from levying my bank account or garnishing my wages?

When you hire us to represent you, the first order of business is to make sure that all IRS collection activities are ceased. This process includes stopping future bank/other account levies. If there is a wage garnishment, we will negotiate another arrangement with the IRS. Our goal is to stop ALL collection activities while we negotiate the best possible outcome for your unique tax problems. We will work to provide peace of mind and protection for your assets.

I have a CPA so why do I need a Resolution Tax Practitioner?

Your CPA does accounting and tax preparation. He/she might have a tax resolution case here or there, and maybe even a tax audit or two. They are probably seasonal, which means they are often around during tax seasons, but hard to reach once the tax season is over. We are here year-round, even on Saturdays, and negotiating back taxes is our specialty!

There are so many tax resolution companies. Why should I choose you?

Many tax resolution companies just want to get you in the door, and then they either outsource your case or pass it to an unlicensed customer service representative to finish it. At The Tax Defense Group, your case will be handled in-house from the beginning to end. We review your case before assignment to determine which team will best represent your case. Once we assign your case to a licensed Tax Practitioner and Assistant, you will have access to them by telephone, email, and text messaging.

What States do you work in?

The Tax Defense Group’s team of Tax Practitioners are licensed to work in all 50 States. We currently have clients nationwide. Most of our business is conducted via telephone, email and fax for clients in all 50 states. Since the IRS and State Revenue Agencies conduct their collection procedures via mail and telephone correspondences, we do not need to be face-to-face in order to represent you.

What kind of taxes do you handle?

We handle IRS and State individual income taxes, business income/payroll/employment taxes, business sales & use tax, tobacco and cigarettes taxes, trust fund taxes and more.

What can you do for me?

Your team of Tax Practitioner and Assistant will determine the best resolution program for you. They will review your finances and explain the process as well as the qualifications, whether it’s an installment agreement, financial hardship or an offer in compromise. We don’t make promises or guarantee results without reviewing your complete financial situation and records. Please see our Tax Relief tab for more details on the resolution programs that you could qualify for.

What happens after I hire you?

We will be able to protect you and negotiate for you by filing a Power of Attorney with the IRS and/or State Revenue Agency. If necessary, your assigned Tax Practitioner will contact the IRS/State to obtain a collection hold on your account so that no levies or garnishment occur while your team is working on getting you the best resolution you could qualify for. If you have a wage garnishment or bank levy, we will attempt to get it released. We will get you compliant with return filings and tax withholdings. Once you are in compliance, we will review your financial situation and determine the best resolution for you.

I hired you, why am I still getting IRS notices?

By law the IRS has to send you notices letting you know about your tax liabilities. As Power of Attorney, we receive copies of the same IRS notices you get and will respond on your behalf. Just let us know when you receive a notice from them, and we will handle it.

I haven’t filed tax returns for years, do you file back taxes?

Yes! We prepare and file Federal and State back taxes as well as the current year’s taxes.

I did not work and did not file, how can the State say I owe?

If you have a professional or business license, the State will take the average income a person makes with that particular license, file a substitute tax return for you and assess the tax liability. By filing your original tax return, you could reduce or eliminate the liability.

Will I go to jail if I cannot pay my taxes?

You could face jail time if the tax return and non-payment was done fraudulently or with criminal intent. You do not go to jail just for owing and the inability to pay.

Can I negotiate with the IRS and State myself?

Yes, but do you have an understanding of the inner workings of the IRS? Are you well versed in the tax law and its terminology? Do you have years of experience negotiating with the IRS? Our Enrolled Agents have decades of experience; they negotiate on a daily basis with the IRS and State agencies. It is not uncommon for individuals to attempt to deal with the IRS themselves, and they end up making their tax problems worse because they do not have a firm grasp on the laws and their rights.

What is Tax Resolution or Tax Relief?

The IRS and State agencies have special programs that allow taxpayers to negotiate on the taxes owed. The resolution or relief programs help taxpayers deal with their tax liens, wage garnishments and bank levies. In rare cases, the tax liability may be reduced and penalties can be abated. Some of these programs include installment agreements, currently non-collectible status, offer in compromise, audit representation, and penalty abatement.
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