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Why Hire A Tax Professional

If you’re dealing with a significant IRS and State problems – whether in the form of back taxes or a debt you cannot repay – there are a lot of hoops to jump through. A Tax Practitioner, such as Enrolled Agent, CPA, Tax Attorney, can be of great assistance in navigating the waters of an audit or helping you get IRS debt relief.

There are several reasons to consider a Tax Practitioner over handling the issue yourself or your accountant, but the bottom line is that Tax Practitioners are experts in dealing with the IRS and State, as well as the processes of an audit or offer in compromise. Tax Practitioners will have the best chance of getting you the tax relief you’re hoping for.

Specific Expertise with Tax Law

A Tax Practitioner has specific experience working with the IRS and State Authorities to negotiate settlements. The tax code is one of the most complex legal systems the average citizen will ever have to deal with and there is no cheat sheet. Anything outside the standard requests of the IRS will require insights that yourself or your accountant may not have. The various resolution programs, including the offer in compromise that the IRS provides as well as several others, are navigable by a Tax Practitioner in addressing your tax debt resolution needs.

Ability to Work with Your Current Situation

By hiring a Tax Practitioner, you get someone who cannot testify against you, has specific expertise in this area of the tax code, and who has likely worked towards settlements for several other tax papers in the past. Moreover, a Tax Practitioner can help you address specific problems related to how you reported income or made decisions about tax payments in the past. Your accountant may not be equipped to do this or it may put you at risk if sensitive information is shared.

Choose a Tax Practitioner You Can Trust

If you are ready to speak with an expert in the field of the IRS tax code, contact the experts of The Tax Defense Group today. We can help you determine how best to approach your IRS and State problems, whether you are seeking IRS debt relief or have a more serious problem that requires immediate legal representation. We can work with you to help determine the best possible next steps to take.

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