Appealing the Lien

Appealing the Lien

You can have the IRS remove the Lien if you can prove that the IRS made a mistake. The Lien can be appealed if:

        • The tax debt has already been paid in full. 
        • The lien was filed in error.
        • The IRS made a processing error with your return
        • The IRS did not follow proper procedures.
        • The lien was filed during bankruptcy
        • You weren’t given an option to dispute the amount
        • Your spouse is liable for the lien and you want spousal defense. 
        • You want to discuss collection options
        • The 10 year statute of limitations has passed

Upon the notice of the lien, you are given the option to request a Collection Due Process hearing with the Office of Appeals. You must make this request within 30 days of the lien being filed or the date indicated on the notice. 

We can help you with the IRS and provide assistance in requesting a lien appeal. Call us today. 

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