Social Security Levy

We Can Help Resolve Social Security Levies

We Can Help Resolve Social Security Levies

Not Even Your Social Security is Safe from the IRS

No income is safe! The IRS will send a Notice of Intent to Levy or Seizure of Social Security income 30 days before it actually happens. The levy is a percentage of your social security income, anywhere between 15%-90%. This levy is continuous and because it is a Federal Repayment Program it generally takes about 30 days for the levy release to take effect, therefore, you need to take action as soon as possible.

Negotiating the Release of Social Security Levies

The Tax Defense Group has negotiated the release of hundreds of Social Security levies from the IRS. You should contact us the second you receive notice, but even if you have had your social security seized it is not too late.

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Contact our Experts to Discuss your Tax Debt

The Tax Defense Group TeamOur team of licensed tax professionals can lift the levy and make sure you don’t pay a penny more to the IRS than required by law. We want to get you back your social security and your financial freedom!

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