State Wage Garnishment

We Can Help End State Wage Garnishment

We Can Help End State Wage Garnishment

How Does State Wage Garnishment Work

Imagine you expect a paycheck, you open up the envelope or check your direct-deposit balance online only to see that your State has taken nearly all of your money! So you go to your employer and beg for the money, but they cannot give you back your money. Since a wage garnishment is filed with your employer, your employer is bound by law to send whatever percentage of your paycheck requested to the State instead of you.

Here's How It Works:

The State will send a series of notices before actually garnishing or levying your income or bank accounts. The difference is the State will not send their notices via Certified Mail (like the IRS notice) so you will most likely overlook a Final Notice Before Levy or Seizure. For most states once a garnishment is placed it cannot be lifted or released. The garnishment is typically about 25% of your gross income. There are special circumstances that the state might release your wage garnishment. If your income has been garnished by the State contact our tax experts to see if you qualify for a release.

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Take Action

The Tax Defense Group TeamYou should contact The Tax Defense Group the second you receive the first notice, but even if your wages have already been garnished it is not too late for us to help. Our team of licensed tax professionals can try to lift the wage garnishment or modify it to a reasonable amount while making sure you don’t pay a penny more to the IRS than required by law. We want to get you back your paycheck and your financial freedom!

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