Revenue Officer Assignment

Our Tax Professionals Negotiate With Revenue Officers

Our Tax Professionals Negotiate With Revenue Officers

Revenue Officer Assignment and Authority

If you owe $250,000 or more on individual income taxes or $10,000 or more on payroll taxes the IRS will assign a Revenue Officer to collect on your account. The officer will have the authority to make house calls as well as visit your place of business and they are extremely aggressive. There are rare cases that an officer is assigned even if you owe less than the amounts above.

Negotiating With Revenue Officers

If you have been contacted by a Revenue Officer contact our tax experts for assistance. The licensed tax professionals at The Tax Defense Group have the knowledge and experience needed to negotiate with Revenue Officers. Make no mistake, these Revenue Officers want your money.

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Help with Tax Debt Resolution

The Tax Defense Group ExpertsWith our expertise, we will make sure that the IRS doesn’t receive a penny more than they are legally entitled to recover.

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