Statute of Limitations

Contact Our Experts to Discuss Your Tax Debt

Contact Our Experts Discuss Your Tax Debt

Timing for Statute of Limitations

The IRS have a 10 year statute of limitations on the timeframe they can collect on a tax debt. The statute starts when the tax is first assessed, not when the return is due. For example, if you filed your 2007 Income Tax Return late, in September 2010, then the statute of limitations would be 10 years from September 2010, which is September 2020, and not 10 years from April 2008, which is when the return was due.

Contact our Experts to Discuss your Tax Debt

The Tax Defense Group TeamThe Tax Defense Group has saved clients millions and millions of dollars through its understanding and use of the statute of limitations. Contact our tax experts to discuss your tax debt. Our Tax Analysis Review (TAR) will help determine the collection statute of limitations on your tax balances.

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